Thursday, March 15, 2012

B-cycle over your own Bike

Many people have asked the rather obvious question of why to b-cycle when they already own a bike? It is a fair question, one that we have thought about,
  • Save wear and tear on your personal equipment.
  • You don't have to struggle with the ongoing battle of finding bike parking - and your bike being "towed" if you park illegally.
  • You don't have to carry a mammoth bike lock to keep my bike from getting stolen - how many "safe" places are there?
  • Basket is attached to store your goods.
  • Save the effort of transporting your bike around in or on your car and just grab one quickly and easily from one of the stations.
  • Don't have to bike "both ways" (if you get somewhere it is pouring down rain... catch a ride with someone, take the bus, etc. ).
  • According to " People riding shared public bicycles appear to be involved in fewer traffic crashes and receive fewer injuries than people riding their personal bicycles. In cities from Paris and London to Washington, D.C. and Mexico City, something about riding a shared bicycle appears to make cycling safer."
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Thoughts? Anything we missed?

B-Fit, B-Green, B-cycle

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  1. Definitely agree with all the above. One I would add is convenience and options: sometimes I want to walk around downtown a bit and then bicycle a bit. With Bcycle, I can walk, ride, walk, ride and not have to keep coming back to my parked bicycle. I hop on a bike, ride to a station, hop off, walk to another station, hop on, etc. I usually make a day of it and stop at the library awhile and then somewhere for lunch. Bcycle is my favorite way to see San Antonio :-)