Thursday, May 31, 2012

Want to B an Intern with Us?

We are currently looking for some dynamic people that want to help pedal it forward with the 2-wheel revolution we've got going. We are growing at every turn and would love some help. We are a nonprofit, though, so interning with us would be more about spreading the movement and joining a good cause, along with some great karma, and a stipend. If you are a student, we will also write a really stellar, glowing letter of reference for you (as long as you rock at what you do). :)
Here are the details...

Customer Service Liaison
      ·         Customer service via phone, email, and in person
               - Billing and Fee questions
               - Membership, promotions and using the website
               - Technical issues regarding B-cycles and kiosks
               - Sponsorship requests
               - Event requests
       ·         Communicate with accounting, the directors, and the maintenance and service technicians regarding any issues and questions that may arise.
       ·         We are looking for a person with good communication skills who will show initiative, work independently, maintain a positive attitude, and present a professional image to the public.

Site Analysis/Site Sponsor Liaison for B-cycle Stations
      ·         Provide support for the planning and installation of kiosks.
      ·         Communicate with local businesses regarding sponsorship of kiosks.  Assist in maintaining communication and improving the relationship with existing sponsors, including sponsor PR packet distribution.
      ·         We are looking for a person with good communication skills who will show initiative, be able to work independently, present a positive and professional image, be able to multi-task, and deal with a wide variety of people.

Maintenance and Service Technician
     ·          Assist the Service Manager with the scheduled maintenance of B-cycles and B-cycle Kiosks.
               - Ensure the B-cycles are clean and mechanically sound.  This will be accomplished through regular inspection and maintenance as scheduled.
               - Ensure kiosks are clean and operational.  Regularly inspect and troubleshoot any technical issues with the kiosk stations.
      ·         Learn the back end computer system for B-cycle and kiosk station maintenance.  Assist with data entry of all maintenance activities to the B-cycle website. 
      ·         Communicate with B-cycle Service Manager and customer service regarding any aspects of maintenance and customer service regarding maintenance issues.
      ·         We are looking for a person with initiative and a professional image who can work independently.  Mechanical skills with bicycles are a requirement.  Knowledge and experience regarding cycling is required.

All interns with San Antonio B-cycle will be paid a stipend

B-fit, B-green, B-cycle

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