Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Contest...

We have had this blog going for several months now. And, we only have 9 followers. And, we think like at least a third of them are b-cyle employees. Pathetic. So in order to boost our number of followers, we are going to have a contest. Whoever can get the most number of family members, friends, co-workers, whoever, to start following our blog, will win a sweet b-cycle shirt. Brand new, hot off the press, limited edition. The contest in going to run until next Friday, June 29th. All they have to do is visit our blog and click on the "Follow" link on the right side and then comment under this post that you sent them... We would love to get more followers and to make this blog more interactive.

B-fit, B-green, B-cycle


  1. I sent out my invitation to your blog to all my Twitter followers. Hope this helps!!

  2. I bought myself but plan on still helping getting your numbers up. As a member we need to get people involved with the bike share program