Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well, we thought we would give it a shot! You all asked and we heard, so here it is. A blog for all things b-cycle and bike share in San Antonio. The intended purpose of this blog is to provide SA b-cycle members, which have become a sort of family in San Antonio, with an avenue to learn more about bike sharing here and everywhere. We also wanted to provide a discussion forum where members can post questions, experiences, or any musings related to bike sharing, and to basically just unite the group. We are aware that some of you all are in competition with eachother for that top spot on the leaderboard and take your b-cycling very seriously, but please refrain from posting any threats to eachother; although, challenges are certainly welcomed. :) If you are on the leaderboard, though, bragging rights are granted and you are permitted to share you bike sharing expertise with the group.

Our program has certainly taken off in its inaugural year and we have our dedicated members to thank for that. Through rain, shine (more shine than rain), record-breaking temps to sort of cold days, you all have been devoted to the program. Bike share is a way of life and you all have certainly embraced it here in the Alamo City. We appreciate you for that.

We have much more to come and would love your feedback on what you want to hear about. We would also love to have some guest posts from you hardcore b-cyclers on your tricks of the trade, so email kat.gainey@sanantoniobikeshare.org if you are interested in divulging your secrets with the rest of the crew. We hope that you all enjoy this new endeavor...

B-fit, B-green, B-cycle


  1. Alright! An anniversary gathering! Let me see if this posts.
    Paul Young

  2. And who is number 1 to post a comment, Paul Young, of course!
    Nice going, but we're close behind!!
    Chico and Marguerite Rees

  3. Chico and Madge! It's on! Leaving town Sunday, but back Wed.

  4. I'm riding with my dog tomorrow if the weather cooperates, noon to 2.