Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Benefits of Bike Sharing... why it makes sense.

So we all know that biking is good for you. We know that it is good for the environment too. But... sometimes it is hard to really understand the impact of something without having the concrete facts, the numbers. Obviously, b-cycling is an awesome way to get around. It is quick, easy, affordable and good for us and the environment, but it can be so much more than that. Here a few statistics that we think are the most eye-opening.

  • A short, four-mile round trip by bicycle keeps about 15 pounds of pollutants out of the   air. Guess what average b-cycle trip's mileage is... yup, 4 miles.
  • Cyclists are exposed to less pollution than taxi or bus passengers.
  • Five billion gallons of fuel are wasted every year from cars idling in traffic. We have already saved over 5,000 gallons of gas in San Antonio in less than a year.
  • Those same traffic delays represent nine billion dollars in lost productivity.
  • Overall, traffic congestion costs the US economy $78 billion a year. We have saved over $15,000 in less than a year.
  • The average commuter spends 50 hours every year stuck in traffic.
  • By 2032 traffic delays will more than double and CO2 emissions traced to congestion will reach 60 million tons. We have offset over 100,000 pounds of carbon emissions in less than a year.
  • The average person loses 13 lbs. their first year of commuting by bike. We have burned over 4 million calories on b-cycles since launching.
  • At least 30 minutes of exercise is recommended at least 5 days a week. Think it is a coincidence that b-cycle trips are free under 30 minutes when you are a member?
  • A fifteen minute bicycle ride to and from work five times a week can burn the equivalent of 11 pounds of fat in a year. We know about all of the success stories in San Antonio...
  • The average American household spends more on transportation than on clothing, health care, and entertainment combined.
  • On average, 18% of household expenditures are for transportation.
Pretty shocking statistics, right? This just further supports the notion that bike sharing is a win-win situation. It just makes sense.

Oh yeah, and according to studies, the benefits outweigh the risks 77 to 1.

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B-fit, B-green, B-cycle!

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