Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Meet the Staff Series: Part 1

Do ever check out a b-cycle at a station and wonder who keeps the bird poop of the seats and handle bars, who cleans the dirt and grafitti off the stations, who keeps the tires filled? Well, that would be our fabulous Worker B's! They rock. The program could not run for one single minute without them. We decided that our members should get to know these amazing people a little better so our resident professional tour guide, Bonnie Simons, has been interviewing our staff. Below is her interview with our Service Manager, Caleb Choate. Get to know hima  little better. Trust us, he rocks.

[Caleb Choate, Maintenance Supervisor of San Antonio B-cycle, had been working for Bike World for four months when he saw an internal memo recruiting applicants to manage the non-profit rogram, San Antonio Bike Share.  “I felt it would be an opportunity to do something good for the community,” Choate said. 
Growing up in Bridge City, Texas, near the Louisiana border, Choate spent long hours working alongside his Dad working on car and truck repairs.  In high school, a good friend began racing road bikes and Choate’s focus switched from cars to bikes.  “It is the mechanical aspect that has always drawn me to bikes.  I never raced or watched friends race….I just loved working on the bikes,” Choate said.  It is the taking apart, the rebuilding and the cleaning of the bikes that he enjoys.
“At the time the program kicked off in March of 2011, the road cyclists were heading outside of town to ride, the mountain bikers were in the parks, but there was not a large bike culture downtown.  There is now!  I have seen the number of riders triple in the last year, and it has been exciting to see!” Choate said.

Asked if he has a dream for San Antonio Bike Share, Choate said, “My dream would be to see it grow and expand into the greenways, the universities, all over the city of San Antonio.  People could reach their destination by choosing B -cycle, and hopping from station to station!” 
Let’s all hope this dream comes true!]

B-fit, B-green, B-cycle

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