Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meet the Staff Series: Part 2

Meet Zach. He is a bit of a renaissance man here doing a little bit of everything from mechanical work, customer service, sales, and acting (you may have seen him on tv or in te paper). He has been with us pretty much since the beginning and we are glad that he is part of our team, especially since he photographs so well and looks so pretty on camera. :)

Introducing Zach Gonzales

     Zach Gonzales’ interest in bicycles sparked when his Uncle Josh, an avid triathlete, encouraged him to enter The Dam 09 with him.  “I picked up a cheap bike at a garage sale and started riding,” Gonzales said. Swimming and running aspects of the triathlon did not interest the 16 year old but he fell in love with cycling. “I would say I have participated in close to 100 races and have won a handful of them,“ Gonzales said. 

     Peers credit Gonzales with above average mechanical skills and an eye for detail in his repairs.  “Once I became a bike racer, I committed myself to learning everything I could about bikes and how to work on them,” Gonzales said.  The summer following graduation from MacArthur High School, he took a job at a local bike shop and had the good fortune of working with Fernando Guajardo, an experienced mechanic. Gonzales reflects, “I got lucky when I met Fernando as he took me under his wing and taught me the basics I needed to know to work in a bike shop.” The other avenue in which he learned was by racing with pro riders. “I watched how the pros worked on their bikes and then integrated the skills into my work,” Gonzales said.

     A patient person with a big heart, Gonzales has begun informal teaching sessions when middle school children enter the B-cycle headquarters with a flat tire.  “The kids often cannot afford a new tube, so I pull out a patch kit and show them how to do the repair.  They love it!”

Zach, we are glad you are on our team! 

Submitted by Bonnie Simons
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