Monday, April 16, 2012


Happy Monday!
Most of you all have probably heard that SABS expanded once again and we are super pumped about it. We have added 3 stations to make our system total 23 stations and about 230 bikes... not bad that we have almost doubled the amount of stations and bikes in the program in a little more than a year! SABS is certainly well on the way to meeting its ultimate goal.

The key to any bike share system's success, no matter where it is located, is density. Yes, a city that already had a large commuter base to start out with may have an easier time in the beginning with ridership; but, ultimately denisity is what makes or breaks a bike share system. The greater the number of stations, the greater connectivity of the system to provide more bikes to San Antonians. San Antonio B-cycle wants to reach the greatest population of individuals in the most efficient and effective way. As we continue to add to the number of stations and bikes in our fleet, our dream of being a bicycling commmunity becomes more of a reality.

The ultimate goal is to have 500 bikes and 50 stations. Wouldn't it be awesome to be downtown, and even further out to its nearby corridors, like Broadway, and see a station within eyesight at all times?  Pretty cool thought... and we think we might just get there!

Check out our website for more info on where the new stations are located...

B-fit, B-green, B-cycle!

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