Monday, April 30, 2012

Get up and Ride National Bike Challenge

National Bike Month begins next Tuesday and the League of American Bicyclists isencouraging everyone to get up and ride more. With having a bike share system in our wonderful city, this challenge becomes that much easier. We challenge all of our b-cyclers to ride more in May and show the rest of San Antonio how awesome b-cycling, and biking in general, can be.

The National Bike Challenge is an opportunity to challenge yourself to ride more often. Record your rides, and add up the miles you've ridden, the calories you've burned, and the gas money you've saved. You can connect with other riders in the challenge, or embrace the spirit of competition by winning points for your employer, your community, or your state. You also become eligible for prize drawings after you've logged just three days on your bike.

You'll be part of a team of more than fifty thousand riders logging over ten million miles, demonstrating the power of the bicycle to build healthy people, healthy communities, and a healthy planet.

Participation is free, and open to anyone in the United States, or who is employed by a participating U.S.-based company.
Join at: and keep us updated on how it is going!

B-fit, B-green, B-cycle!

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  1. Cyclists are a diverse group. Some of us ride fat tires down rocky trails, some of us ride road bikes up burly hills, some of us ride for sport and some of us ride just for fun. Some ride for the adrenaline rush and some ride their bikes for basic transportation. But all of us can take advantage of the healthy benefits of cycling, even if we never ever buy a single item made from spandex.