Monday, April 9, 2012

What can you get for $.16???

Most of us know that bike sharing is a good deal. It is good for your health, environment, AND your wallet. We wanted to see exactly how economically-friendly the program really is so we decided to do a little math... Here is what we calculated.
1 year membership = $60 ... 60/365 = $.164 ... So, being an annual member costs you about 16 cents/day.

1 ride = 30 minutes ... .16/30 = $.0055 ... So, every trip costs you about 1/2 a cent/minute.

Not bad... especially when comparing to almost $4 a gallon for gas. Yikes.

After doing our elementary arithmetic, we decided to take it one step further and figure out what else you can get for $.16 a day. We, of course, turned to google for research and our preliminary findings found...not much. There really is not much of anything you can get for 1 cent these days, which further supports our conclusion that b-cycling is an awesome deal. and. rocks.

What we did find for $.16/day:

-about .045 gallons of gas. That is like nothing.
-16 wishes in a fountain or wishing well (we came up with this one on our own)
-16 cents of your dollar that you purchase your food with goes to the farm

Well, that's about it. Moral of the story- everyone should b-cycle. It is cheap.

Anyone think of anything else good that you can get for $.16? Please share.

B-fit, B-cycle, B-cycle... AND B-smart and B-thrifty.

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