Monday, September 10, 2012

Meet the Staff Series: Part 3

Meet Benny. I am sure you have seen this man about town. He has pretty much been the face of B-cycle recently and our ambassador in the community. He rocks and represents us so well!
Introducing Benny Medrano

     Benny Medrano possesses the innate gift of people skills.  Some of us take classes to communicate more effectively—Benny was born knowing how to do it!  He has a passion for both people and bikes, which is perfect in his new role as co-coordinator for B-cycle’s Community Outreach and Partnership.          

     In July, Benny led Saturday morning tours to familiarize people with the program.   “Some people think the program is just for tourists, and my job is to emphasize it is for everyone!” Benny said. 

     A graduate of Brackenridge High School, Benny worked in schools and ad agencies before joining the B-cycle program one year ago, but the fascinating part of his resume is his volunteer work.

    Benny has worked in an orphanage in South Africa and felt there was not a task too menial as he washed dishes, made beds and cleaned bathrooms.  In Santa Ana, California, he was Coordinator of Volunteer Services where he supervised the manpower to deliver 3,500 meals every week.        

     Benny believes cycling is a different way to experience people and community. “Cyclists wave to one another on the road, or slightly nod their heads in acknowledgement of one another.  When you ride your bike you notice people and your surroundings in a way the car does not allow.”

Benny, B-cycle is glad you are on our team!
  • Favorite movie:  Sandlot
  • Favorite book:  The Art of Manliness/Manvotionals:  Timeless Wisdom and Advice of Living the 7 Manly Virtues by Brett McKay & Kate McKay
  • Favorite restaurant:  Demo’s on N. St. Mary’s
  • Favorite Band:  Conjunto Express
-Submitted by Bonnie Robin Simons
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