Friday, September 14, 2012

Start Your Friday Off Right

Scoping out the perfect locations at the Missions...

We wanted to give you a good and happy kickstart to your weekend with a little sneak peak of the soon to be installed Mission Reach Expansion stations in the upcoming month or so. Below are the names of the new stations. Exact locations/addresses will be unveiled in a few weekes. We hope you all are as excited as us!

  1. ConcepciĆ³n Park
  2. Mission ConcepciĆ³n
  3. Mission Road
  4. VFW Blvd
  5. Mission San Jose
  6. Acequia Park
  7. Espada Dam Park

B-safe this weekend! Weather is cooling down a bit so should be a perfect weekend for B-cycling around!

B-fit, B-green, B-cycle

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