Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meet the Staff Series: Part 4

Daniel just arrived in San Antonio a few months ago, but we feel like he has already mastered the city! We are so glad that he has joined our staff and helped connect B-cycle with the community. He is super and a vital asset to us and the program. So glad he decided to make his home here!

Meet Daniel Trevino

     Daniel Trevino, a mechanical engineer, says, “working as co-coordinator for B-cycle’s Community Outreach and Partnership program is a breath of fresh air.  It beats an office cubicle any day!” An urban cyclist, Daniel spends his days downtown, meeting with retailers to discuss the benefits of the B-cycle membership rewards program. “Look for the B-cycle decals in the windows of participating businesses—they will be popping up everywhere!” Daniel says.

    A self- proclaimed foodie, Daniel gives a thumbs up for the papas bravas found at OCHO restaurant in the Havana Hotel and the Oaxacan hot chocolate laced with a shot of espresso at CafĂ© Punto del Cielo on Houston Street. “Benny Medrano, my co-worker and I make it a priority to give our B-cycle members the most value for their money.  We want a win-win between downtown retailers and B-cycle,” Daniel said.  

     A newly-wed, Daniel met his bride, Fatima, on Facebook. “We   started ‘talking’ and have never stopped,” says Daniel.  The couple enjoy jogging and cooking together. What is Daniel’s favorite restaurant?  Without hesitating, he replies, “My wife’s cooking!”

Hobbies: plays guitar and loves bike riding
Favorite movie:  Enter the Void
Favorite band:  The Smashing Pumpkins

Submitted by Bonnie Robin Simons
B-fit, B-green, B-cycle


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